Here’s one of the things he says 


*melts for his sexy voice*

OHMY THANK YOU FOR THIS *cries happily*


That voice AARGH

I didn’t fangirl in this one. I fangirled after xd

I didn’t want to make your earbuds bleed even more.


…i need to work on my typography, ha.

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Here is a voiced Eisuke from the new sub story of スイートルームで悪戯なキス (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder) as requested by a few people. I’ve finally managed to cut it. Enjoy! Audio belongs to Voltage Inc. 

Edited. Translations below thanks to hirmamo

1. “Decide. I’ll let you choose”

2. “You have to come in 3 minutes when i call you”

3. “All you have to do is come, i’ll make sure you’ll feel satisfied”

4. “This shop’s coffee is the worst, if it’s not your coffee then its not good”

5. “It’s almost your limit? That will not do, I haven’t have enough yet”

NokuRai SCENE # 2


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This short scene comes from my idea. Please forgive my grammar and this is a Lightning and Noctis story. Have fun! :)


Soft music filled the little ice cream shop. A young couple facing each other on a small round table occupy the shop as…

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